Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt



September 27

Monday September 27 8:15 PM · Small screening hall

8:15 PMSmall screening hall

Another Round

Amid an ongoing midlife crisis, Martin, Tommy, Nikolaj, and Peter--a close-knit group of friends, colleagues, and high school teachers--find themselves faced with stale careers, failing marriages, and the cruel certainty of lost youth. Then, after a long, booze-fuelled night in town, the companions hit on the idea to keep themselves constantly semi-inebriated, inspired by an untried scientific theory claiming that when people maintain a golden 0.05% Blood Alcohol Concentration at all times, they are more relaxed, poised, and self-confident. So,... more...


October 1

Friday October 1 8:15 PM · Small screening hall

8:15 PMSmall screening hall

Riders of Justice

Markus, a veteran soldier in Afghanistan, returns home to take care of his daughter, Mathilde, after a horrible train accident. However, on his return, Markus has an unexpected encounter with the statistical analyst, Otto, one of the few survivors of the accident, who is convinced that there is more to this tragedy than meets the eye. Indeed, it seems that many secrets are hidden in plain sight. Now, pained and lethally dangerous Markus has no other choice but to delve... more...
in Danish with Czech subtitles

Retfærdighedens ryttere




116 min

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