Harrison Ford



May 28

Saturday May 28 2:00 PM · Tesco, Dornych 4

2:00 PMTesco, Dornych 4Pop up

Star Wars Saga: Episodes IV–VI

Dust of that lightsaber, feed your Ewok and set off to Tesco’s! To see the marathon screening of episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars! This atmospheric pop up in the possibly hidden space of the Tesco’s storage with a view of the city of Brno organised by Kino Art! Bar and food by Mooi will be included. You can also look forward to a welcome drink and also a surprise. 13.00-14.00 open door, welcome drink14.00-16.00 Episode IV... more...
in English with Czech subtitles

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope




121 min

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