You'll Never Be Alone

After twenty-five years in the same position at work, the unambitious Juan could have a chance for promotion. He might become his supervisor's business partner and finally receive the promised recognition. Any prospects for better days are suddenly destroyed, however, by a brutal attack against his son. In his father's absence, Pablo indulged in studying dance, playing a woman and otherwise inadvertently provoking a local gang of young troublemakers with his fragility and otherness. And how do you react in such a crisis when you have a problem with your son's homosexuality as well? The raw drama about the courage to defy restricting norms and conventions points a warning finger at Chilean society's blindness and emphasizes the necessity to fight for truth and justice. The film offers more than only social criticism, however, it is, above all, a distinctive piece of art, connecting unsettling realism with impressive style.

Nunca Vas a Estar Solo




81 min

Directed by