The Sweet Life

Basking in the allure of early-1960s Rome and bustling Via Veneto's elegant sybarites and cosmopolitan celebrities, the hopeful writer and now a stylish columnist, Marcello Rubini, spends his nights looking for the next big story, or better still, a new excitement. Balancing between hedonism and cynicism; self-loathing, and an irrepressible yearning for freedom and beauty, the philandering reporter will put his undeniable charm to the test, when the international film star and unattainable object of desire, Sylvia, arrives in town. Now, against the backdrop of the eternal Fontana di Trevi, dreams burn down, as an undying hope for a better future gives way to a new set of enticements--this almost feral passion for life and an equally unquenched desire for love have always defined Marcello's thirsty existence. However, what is the price to pay for a hearty slice of the sweet life?