A Prominent Patient

Short piece from the life of Jan Masaryk – Czechoslovak diplomat and son of the first president. The story is situated in the era right after 1938, which together with Masaryk’s distinctive dealing with the Munich Agreement forms the basic dramatic storyline of the film. Jan Masaryk (1886–1948) has been voluntarily admitted into an American psychiatric asylum and is, as a patient of Dr Stein, reckoning with himself, the legacy of his father, his anger towards Edvard Beneš, and also his national identity. Moreover, he has been cut off from drugs and alcohol. Although this film will probably attract audience because of its main actor, Karel Roden, Masaryk is above all a film by Julius Ševčík. Similarly to Ševčík’s previous two films, it is also impossible to miss his uniquely buoyant and dynamic style characterised by its confident combinations of camera positions, editing, and sound work.