Marcel Mohab


November 5

Friday November 5 8:15 PM · Small screening hall

8:15 PMSmall screening hallDas Filmfest


Through different intersecting stories, LOVECUT tells about three teenage couples and their conflicts with identity, love and sexuality in our digital, rapid changing society that offers many possibilities, as well as extreme challenges. What we observe is a snapshot, an excerpt from their lives and their love stories. An attempt to better understand the bold youth of our time as well as the society we live in.


November 2

Tuesday November 2 5:45 PM · Small screening hall

5:45 PMSmall screening hallDas Filmfest

Once Were Rebels

Two urban couples in their 30s decide to help Pavel, a Russian friend in trouble, escape to Austria. Though initially thrilled by the adventure, they soon find the foundations of their friendships and relationships are threatened.
in German, English and Russian with Czech and English subtitles

Waren einmal Revoluzzer




103 min

Directed by

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