Johannes Zeiler



October 23

Wednesday October 23 8:15 PM · Main screening hall

8:15 PMMain screening hallDas Filmfest

What Have We Done to Deserve This?

Wanda's world has been turned upside down when her teenage daughter Nina suddenly turns up in a hijab. Secretly, Nina has converted to Islam; she exclusively eats halal, strictly observes the prayer times and wishes to be called Fatima. Mother of a liberal Viennese patchwork family, Wanda is appalled; she has always strongly stood against religious fanaticism. However, all attempts to make Nina see reason fail. To make matters worse, Wanda's ex-husband has just fathered a child with his latest... more...
in German with Czech and English subtitles

Womit haben wir das verdient?




91 min

Directed by

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