Winter Lake

13-year-old Emika and her cousin Antti like to camp together under a tent, especially in winter. "All you need is a good tent, a sleeping bag and warm clothes," she says about her original hobby.

Lake Saimaa, where the two teenagers go on holiday, is a vast and beautiful area of the Finnish countryside. During winter, its entire surface is covered with a continuous layer of glistening snow and ice, beneath which lies a fascinating and colourful world of animals and plants. "Friends think I'm crazy when I camp under a tent in winter," says Emika, who dreams of one day seeing a seal up close. She has no problem sleeping in the tent in temperatures of -15 degrees or catching fish in the lake for dinner. Of course, you have to take a few selfies at your campsite, and then head off to a natural sauna!

Talvinen järvi




15 min

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