The Nest

With his ambitious plan for a fresh start in President Ronald Reagan's America going nowhere fast, the silver-tongued commodities broker wunderkind, Rory O'Hara, moves his family back to England. Convinced that he can't afford to turn down the lucrative offer of his former boss, always-hungry-for-more Rory settles into a majestic country mansion in Surrey to construct an ostentatious facade of wealth, in high hopes of eradicating his working-class origins. However, even though Rory reassures his worried wife, Allison, and their children that everything is fine, patience frays and tempers flare, and the extravagant trader's sacred family is starting to fall apart. But success takes time, and time is running out. Is the gloomy estate the root of all evil? Above all, can desperate Rory make it work?