The Magician

848. Vogler's Magnetic Health Theater is a small Swedish performing troupe that travels throughout Europe. Most of the troupe members are related to its leader, "Dr." Albert Emanuel Vogler. The nature of their shows are largely related to supernatural phenomenon. Because of the assertions made at their performances and the seemingly unscientific nature, some authority figures question whether they should be allowed to perform. That is what happens at their latest stop, where they are summoned to the home of a local merchant, Mr. Egerman, and his wife, so that they can discuss and demonstrate their performance to the authorities, including Dr. Vergerus, the Minister of Health, and Police Superintendent Starbeck, who will decide if the show is fit for public consumption in their town. Dr. Vergerus in particular seems bent on shutting them down especially if the acts in the show cannot be scientifically explained, and thus cause harm to an unsuspecting public. While Vergerus, Starbeck and Egerman are working on their own agenda not fully disclosed, Vogler and his troupe may have a few undisclosed issues of their own, as well as a few tricks up their sleeves to deal with their inquisitors.