The Little Man

There was house in a cave under little hill and that was a place where Little Man lived. He was quite well there until one night - when he had a mysterious dream. He dreamed about a house with provoking sign above its door: "YOU WILL FIND HERE WHAT YOU MISS". Little Man was confused. What was he missing? And what shall he find then? And where exactly? He could not get rid of a weird feeling since he woke up that one morning. He suddenly knew he is missing something really important in his life and he had to go out for it and find it. But his journey was not easy at all. He had to complete many difficult quests, overcome his fears and above all, keep moving forward no matter what was happening to him! During his journey he showed his good heart when he helped someone who needed it, he also proved considerable bravery when he faced dangerous creatures he had never seen before. He learned lots of things not just about the forest, but chiefly about himself. And did he finally reached the house he searched for? And what did he find there?