The Favourite

The power dynamic between three women in the royal house of England in the early eighteenth century is presented, it during a time when England is at war with France. The first is Queen Anne, the current ruler. She tries to overcome her insecurities, paranoia and potential perceived weakness in being lame by that outward power of being ruler. The second is Sarah, Lady Marlborough, the Queen's trusted lady-in-waiting and the wife to Lord Marlborough, the head of the British military. The third is Abigail Hill, Sarah's cousin whose family has fallen on hard times and who Sarah hires to work in the royal palace in various roles as a domestic. The Queen's motivation is to appear that she is in charge while desperately wanting to feel loved by those she loves in return. Sarah's motivation is to implement her desired policies especially with regard to the war. Abigail's motivation is to regain her status as a lady in not wanting to feel at the mercy of poverty ever again. Others try to exploit this dynamic, especially Harley, the leader of the opposition in Parliament, he who feels that he does not have the ear of the Queen at this important time of war.