Stranger Than Paradise

The New World: The teenager Eva Molnar arrives in New York City from Budapest, Hungary, and visits her cousin Willie, A.K.A. Bela Molnar. Eva intends to travel to Cleveland to stay with her Aunt Lotte, but the old woman is in the hospital and Eva has to stay with the idle Wille, who is absolutely indifferent to her. They spend their empty days smoking Chesterfields, watching television and playing solitaire and Eva meets Willie's friend Eddie. Then Willie and Eddie are connected to Eva and they miss her when she travels to Cleveland. One Year Later: Willie and Eddie win a large amount in the poker game and they borrow a car and travel to Cleveland to visit Eva. They spend a few boring days in the house of Aunt Lotte. Paradise: Willie and Eddie invite Eva to vacate to Florida with them. Shortly after arriving there, they lose their money in dog racing. Willie decides to bet their last money in the horse racing and they win money. Meanwhile Eva is wrongly taken for another woman and receives a huge amount of cash from a stranger.