Run Boy Run

*Jewish Polish village baker's son Srulik Fridman (nine) is separated from his family, to escape from the Warshaw ghetto into the forest and farmland. He must survive mostly alone, surviving from the wild, chores or petty theft, for when he joins a band of orphans kids, they driven apart, and when life becomes good virtually adopted by a farmer, a playmate spots his circumcision, so he must flee before the Nazis arrive. Partisan wife and mother Magda Janczyk takes him in, nearly frozen to dead, and teaches him to pose as Jurek Staniak, a Catholic orphan. Chased by another Nazi threat, he's sold for bounty, escapes from the HQ due to the games-addicted amused CO, who lets him alone when spotted on the estate of German widow Hermann, his lover. Foreman Pawel takes him under his wing, even after a horrible accident crushes his hand, requiring hospitalization, where his circumcision is noticed, so he must run again into the worst war winter. Having been 'adopted' by the Kowalski farmer family, the Soviet invasion and a Jewish orphan spotter offer him a hard choice.