Labelled as "soft" for the way he walks, the sensitive nine-year-old boy, Chiron, or Little, is an easy target in 1980s Miami. Running away from bullies nearly all his life, the intimidated boy finds refuge in a derelict crack-den, where Juan, the expendable drug dealer, takes him under his wing. However, in a world where everything can change at the sight of a knife or a gun, Chiron is doomed to live a predestined life, caught in a vicious cycle of antitheses. In other words, Juan is now the boy's pale paternal figure, while Paula, Chiron's neglectful mother, is Juan's best customer. But, violence begets violence, and as Little grows into an introverted sixteen-year-old teenager who struggles with his identity, only a tough facade can shield him against the world. After all these years, three periods define a vulnerable young adult Chiron who, above all, is still struggling with complex pent-up emotions. Will Little finally discover himself in his desperate journey to evolution?