Harry and his girlfriend, Monika, want to run away together for the next summer. They seem to be a happy young couple. Harry works in a crockery warehouse, packing all kind of dishes and glasses, a task which demands carefully attention. The boy is a little bit tired of being continuously scolded by his bosses, despite him being a good employee. Monika, a nice-looking girl of about 18 years old, works in a stock warehouse and is constantly besieged by other boys and an ex-boyfriend, trying to call the girl's attention again. The girl is having a few domestic problems with her father, who always arrives drunk to the house. One day, Harry quits his job, and taking his stuff he runs away with Monika to the countryside, near of a lake. There, Harry and Monika spend some joyful days, until food begins to run out. The adventure ends up as a sad experience, without a job, money and having to steal some food to survive. Harry and Monika decide to return to the city, to get married and start from the bottom, without knowing that a painful time of suffering is waiting ahead.