Imad's Childhood

Five-year-old Imad from Iraq has spent half his life as a captive of the so-called Islamic State. Returning to his family and normal life is difficult for him and for those around him.

Imad was one of thousands of Yazidis abducted by Islamists in 2014. After two and a half years, he returns to his mother. But she has not managed to overcome her trauma from that time and is already experiencing another hell, despite being reunited with Imad. The boy rejects her and considers himself a fighter of the so-called Islamic State. He is unruly and aggressive towards other children, adults and animals. Regret or compassion are foreign to him. He speaks Arabic and therefore does not get along with his Kurdish family. What he experienced with ISIS is normal in his mind. Will psychosocial help and the efforts of his loved ones help him become the child he was before he was abducted by terrorists?

Imads barndom




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