Housing Against Everyone

How is it possible to deal with people who are unable to secure their own housing? Czech politicians take opposing positions, and their conflict emerges in all its intensity.

The availability of housing is a big topic today. It has the strongest impact on those who participate least in the public debate – low-income households, minorities or single men and women. The film follows a group of activists around Martin Freund, a representative and member of the Live Brno movement, as they try to persuade politicians in the second largest Czech city about their vision of affordable housing. They are mostly met with ridicule, rejection, and even aggression. The filmmakers also devote time to the stories of the people themselves, who hope that soon they will have a roof over their heads. The film shows a futile attempt to change the system of exclusion, in which many politicians repeat phrases from scaremongering chain e-mails and use them as arguments to justify their decisions.

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89 min