First-Time Voters 2021

Much of 2021 in the Czech Republic was marked by the autumn parliamentary elections. What role does politics play in the lives of people who have just had the opportunity to vote for the first time?

Director Markéta Ekrt Válková set out to film students from different schools and social classes a few months before the election. She was interested in what was important to them and how they saw their future, but above all their relationship to politics. A diverse group of protagonists with different preferences generally approach the elections in a responsible way, studying party platforms, attending meetings, debating with teachers, friends, parents and the politicians themselves. But they also have responsibilities that cannot be put on hold: first they need to pass their final exams and finish school. How much time are young people willing to devote to politicians who often forget about their needs?

Prvovoliči 2021




53 min