Edge of Tomorrow

Before the numbing technological superiority of the omnipotent extraterrestrial menace known only as the "Mimics", mankind stands helpless, doomed to accept an ignoble fate. Having harnessed an unfathomable ability, the hordes of the ferocious alien race are practically invincible; unless we, humans, come up with an unexpected and drastic counter-attack. When the unseasoned officer, Major William Cage, learns firsthand the magnitude of the problem with his own life, he quickly realises that death is only the beginning--each blood-drenched battle with the formidable foes brings him back to square one, only with a dash of improvement in his fighting capacity. Perhaps now, Cage, his legendary brother-in-arms, Rita Vrataski, and the rest of the world have a fighting chance against the otherworldly opponent. Can we solve the enemy's enigma?