A Young Girl in Her Nineties

 All is quiet at the geriatric hospital until the famous choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang arrives. Then music fills the empty corridors, and dance workshops bring the Alzheimer’s patients to life. Niang doesn’t dance for the elderly people, he dances with them: to the strains of vintage French chansons, he lifts them in his arms and whirls them around as if their bodies were capable of anything. The choreographer takes them back to years gone by and reawakens their dreams, desires, pain and sadness. The music and unfamiliar movement revitalize the patients, both physically and mentally. One of them is the 92-year-old Blanche Moreau, for whom the intimate dancing and evocative music rekindle feelings of love. In this moving film, we see how dance can rejuvenate aging spirits. Niang’s warm interest and loving approach and Blanche’s unconstrained tenderness reveal that love knows no bounds.  

Une jeune fille de 90 ans




84 min