A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

What happeneds when you accidentally meet a good guy on his first night off his face - and you've been the girl protecting the women and children in a bad city from bad men - Well, you fall in love, or do you, or do you simply gain a new perspective? As a lonesome young female vampire who's had to get a bit creative with the locals from time to time. Do you let this get in your head? Shot in black and white with slow direction and fantastic lighting this modern vampire love story gives a slightly different interpretation on the popular teenage vampire genre. Pay attention to the small props the director pays to past Vampire and Dracula classics. One such moment will flash a smirk across the face of anyone who's ever watch Bram's Dracula. It's brilliant. If Fellini made a teen vampire love story, I'm certain it could look a little like this. Grab a fork and sit forward for a dark, but enchanting Iranian version, of a spaghetti western teen vampire flick. But bring your own cheese. It's meaty.