The Theory of Everything

In early 1960s Cambridge, cosmology student Stephen Hawking meets medieval Spanish poetry student Jane Hawking, two opposites with a mutual curiosity for each other. Naturally, the world is at the feet of the two young dreamers, but sadly, at the age of 21, then comes Hawking's dreadful diagnosis with ALS, an incurable progressive degenerative motor-neuron disease. In the wake of this terrible news, with the doctors giving Stephen only a couple of years to live, determined and loyal Jane will storm into his life, marry him, and eventually, have three children together. But as Hawking's physical decline weakens his frail body, his mind, on the other hand, will remain sharp, always in pursuit of that single equation that would explain the elusive "Theory of Everything". Up until now, Stephen Hawking who is in his mid-seventies has no plans to retire, seeking constantly his theory.