The Self Portrait

The Self Portrait is a film about choice - choosing life. This is a choice no one can make for you, you will have to make it yourself. The Norwegian artist Lene Marie Fossen (32) is an up and coming, unique talent in the world of photography, facing an international breakthrough. Critics claim she is among the best still photographers in our present time. At the same time she appears to be dying from anorexia. Lene Marie stopped eating when she was ten years old. She didn't want to grow up. Over time the disease has gained control over her body and poisoned her thoughts. The main conflict of the film is the one within Lene Maries's mind, always waging war on itself. Galleries in several countries want to exhibit her art. Lene Maries biggest goal is to have a solo exhibition. Will she be able to travel the world? Can she rid herself of shame by exposing it? The use of Lene Marie's self portraits in this film will offer a unique perspective on the complexity of this illness. The anxiety. Death just a breath away. Raw, naked, honest. Lene Marie has come to a turning point. She has realized that she needs help to control her disease. If not, she will die. Her sensitivity made her ill, but will that also be what saves her?