The Quietude

The drama of three women takes place in a luxuriously appointed hacienda called The Quietude. They will be forced to face the emotional traumas and secrets of a common past lived in the time of the Argentine military dictatorship. After her father's stroke, Eugenia returns from Paris to Buenos Aires. She is meeting up with her sister Mia and mother Esmeralda, who live in the very inaptly called country villa. The sisters are close and look uncannily the same, sharing more than just the taste for the same man. They share a bed and begin masturbating in tandem to a sexual fantasy about the hot guy who used to fix the family ranch's plumbing back when they were teens. Eugenia's husband Vincent, soon turns up and is greeted by Mia a more than friendly way. She fetches him from the airport and has sex with him in the car at the airport car park. Eugenia reveals she is pregnant after a long time of trying. Her tyrannical mother is over-joyed, but her lover Esteban claims that it is his baby, and wants a paternity test. Meanwhile the father's health deteriorates, and Esmeralda finally pulls the plug in the middle of the night. After his funeral, Mia gets drunk, and whilst her sister is driving her home, she causes an accident. But soon an unseemly past comes knocking: the family is accused to have profited from imprisoned victims of the 1980s military dictatorship - they signed their property over to the lawyers hoping for clemency in return. Esmeraldo claims that it was her husband who went into prison to get the signatures, but Mia, her father's favorite, sets out to research her claim.