The Handmaiden

Living with her despotic uncle, Kouzuki, an intellectual and avid collector of rare erotic literature, the beautiful and fragile Japanese heiress, Lady Hideko, is destined to marry him. Confined in a sun-deprived mansion in 1930s Korea under Japanese rule, Lady Hideko is a triste bird in a gilded cage, and a seemingly easy target for Count Fujiwara, a forger and an outright con man in disguise, who hires Sook-hee, a dexterous young pickpocket, to act as the new handmaiden. Now, intent on possessing her father's inheritance, the count needs Sook-hee to talk the unaware noblewoman into marrying him instead, and when the elaborate scam finally bears fruit, he plans to send the lithe lady forever to the asylum without an ounce of remorse. However, little do they know, that their doomed scheme is no match for Lady Hideko's unparalleled beauty, with her long raven hair, and the luscious scarlet lips on her pale and velvety skin. Can mighty love stand in the way of a foolproof plan?