The Great Gatsby

A lavish world of decadence and ebullience awaits the innocent Midwesterner and aspiring writer, Nick Carraway, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's cinematic adaptation of The Great Gatsby, as he moves into a little cottage in Long Island during the Roaring Twenties. In pursuit of the elusive American Dream, instead, the humble bond-seller strikes an acquaintance with his mysterious, self-made millionaire neighbour, Jay Gatsby, whose extravagant bacchanalian gatherings are the talk of West Egg. Instantly drawn into fabulous Gatsby's dazzling nouveau-riche world, Nick soon becomes entangled in Jay's impossible love triangle and his unrequited passion for the former's married cousin, Daisy, as overpowering impulses and fervent desires pave the way for bitter heartbreak and blood-soaked tragedy. Was it all just a fleeting illusion?