The Florida Project

Crammed with the imperceptible homeless who can't afford a proper accommodation, the Magic Castle, a garishly painted rundown motel in the shadow of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, is the unattractive world the struggling ex-stripper single mother, Halley, and her fearless six-year-old daughter, Moonee, call home. However, even though, in the eyes of the mischievous girl, this place is a magical playground of endless adventure and a blissful utopia nestled inside innocence's protective bubble, the illusion of a carefree life comes at a high price, as young Halley takes increasingly reckless risks to make ends meet. And, over the course of a single summer, childhood's wide-eyed moments of wonder, paired with the reckless transgressions of youth and an inevitable ugly confrontation, will attempt to blemish the sacred mother-and-daughter idyll. But, do shadows exist in the realm of fantasy?