On Your Marks!

Every 6 years, the Sokol movement, a self defining social organisation founded 150 years ago, organises a mass gymnastic performance in a football stadium. People from all over the world travel to Prague to meet for the big show. This comedic film by debut female director Maria Pincikova (Dok.Incubator selection 2019) focuses on 2 characters as they prepare for the big event - The first one is an awkward young man, Radek. His family has been part of the Sokol movement for many generations. Radek is a gymnast who trains for the most difficult part of the performance. The second protagonist is Mirek, a 75 year-old trainer. For him, Sokol is his life. and he wants to make everything perfect. The big day is rapidly approaching. our 2 protagonists and 15.000 other Sokol members have been training for 6 years anticipating this big moment. Lets see how they are getting on.

Na značky!




79 min

Directed by