Long Way North

A megalomaniac to some, but still, a man of character and the great explorer who discovered the Northeast passage that links the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, Oloukine Tchernetsov, has gone missing during the 1882 expedition to the 87th parallel, deep in the uncharted waters of the North Pole. Nevertheless, back in Saint Petersburg, the strong-willed, 15-year-old aristocrat Sacha, still not coming to terms with her loss and determined not only to escape her preordained life, but to resume the search for the "Davai", her grandfather's impressive and unsinkable icebreaker, daringly embarks on a daunting quest, not for the Tsar's one million rubles reward, but to restore her disgraced family's honour. Although soon, winter will come, and young Sacha, armed only with her courage, her perseverance and Oloukine's lost navigation sheet, must persuade Captain Larson and his crew navigate through the dangerous glacial arctic waters of Franz Josef Land and follow her grandfather's itinerary. Is the magnificent "Davai" still out there waiting or does Sacha risk to pay a high price to prove everyone wrong?