Ikarie XB 1

  It’s the 2nd half of the 22nd century and the spaceship Ikarie XB 1 is traveling towards Alfa Centauri to carry out research of extraterrestrial forms of life. Its crew, consisting of scientific masterminds from various fields, is subjected to unknown and unimaginable threats. It is, however, also carrying a range of everyday woes and joys of human lives. Kališ’s black-and-white paintings in wide-screen format, Liška’s innovative electronic music and convincing sets and costumes create a stylistically refined world of a remote future. In addition, the performances of the Czech acting elite add an unexpected naturalness as well as psychological dimension. The authors were loosely inspired by Stanisława Lem’s novel, The Megallanic Cloud. It is also important to mention that this film resisted to the one-dimensional contemporary politicization which science fiction often succumbed to at the time. They did not put two systems against each other, there was no “east” and “west”, but rather hope in better and morally more mature humankind and the 20th century “rabble” which left the planet in ruins.