God's Own Country

Since his father Martin's disabling stroke, adolescent Johnny Saxby needs to grow up fast and step up to save the Yorkshire family's sheep and cattle farm, but it's not his choice and grumpy ingrate parental meddling doesn't help to motivate, so he drowns his sorrows in too much ale frequently, often vomiting afterwards, limiting his further social life to meaningless gay one-offs. For the back-breaking lambing season, Martin hires for a week Gheorghe Ionescu, an actually experienced Romanian migrant farm worker, with more professional dedication. Despite ignorantly calling the 'intruder' a gypsy, Johnny learns from him, and after jumping each-other's bones in the mud on the meadows, they start his first-ever more intimate relationship, yet it has no future, but provides some mentoring Johhny can use on all fronts.