Felvidek. Caught in Between

Film-maker Vladislava Plančíková was born in Felvidek – a multiethnic, Slovak-Hungarian region in the southern part of the Slovak Republic. Far too often Felvidek has been trapped in between the opposing interests of politicians, and far too often its people have been tossed around by the twists of history. Following the Second World War, thousands of them were forced to leave their homes during the Slovak-Hungarian resettlement campaign between 1946 and 1948. Vladislava’s great-grandmother arrived in Slovakia during the resettlement. All her life, she has missed her hometown, Komlos. Eager to learn more about her roots, Vladislava decided to unravel the history of those years – a history which, to this day, continues to be something of a taboo to those whose fates were irrevocably shaped by the events after World War II. The result of her personal investigation is a charming, lively film, which combines oral history documentary, archive footage and animation, to tell the sensitive story of the forced resettlement of ethnic Hungarians in post-war Czechoslovakia. Some wounds are hard to heal, and some questions remain unanswered. Yet the future brings hope for a new generation which doesn’t have to live with the burden of past wrongdoings.

Felvidék - Horní země




75 min