Ender's Game

Ender is a slight fragile teenager with the expanding mind of a genius. His brother, the brute jock, is violent and only sees through strength and brutality. His sister the kind and compassionate one sees only through an affected sense of contact. Ender is a third child in a population overloaded world that is reeling from the previous war with the alien race of insectivorous beings who work and behave like the ants nest, the Formics. Having been brought in to being by loving parents who gained permission for his birth, Ender feels he is not only unwanted but excess baggage to the world. However, his mind is his strength. He is gifted with the ability to become his aggressor and think like his aggressor thus giving him the key to the aggressor as he learns to love them through their frailty - using this to exploit them and thus destroy them. This ability is seen by those old men solidified in their ways, who have no flexibility in their thinking anymore, and exploit Ender to achieve their own ends. But at what cost, and to whom?