In 1920s Andalusia, the once-intrepid and much-lauded Spanish matador, Antonio Villalta, is lured into marrying his scheming former nurse, Encarna, after the tragic and premature death of his beloved wife, Carmen de Triana, in childbirth. As a result, after years of mistreatment in the unloving household, Antonio's beautiful daughter, Carmen, summons up the courage to run away from home, seeking refuge in the gloomy woods. There, in the unwelcoming and unforgiving wilderness, a troupe of wandering bull-fighting dwarfs take pity on the poor girl, and as if by a mystical fate, Carmen decides to follow in her father's footsteps under a new name: Blancanieves, or Snow White. Then, disaster strikes. Will Blancanieves ever escape from the clutches of the evil Encarna?