During the Cold War, in 1980, Barbara Wolff, a dedicated medical doctor, after filing an official request to obtain the necessary exit visa to leave East Germany, she is incarcerated and transferred to a small paediatric clinic in the countryside. Alone and with no circle of friends, reluctantly, she arrives for duty in a place so very different from her reputable Charite teaching hospital in East Berlin, constantly monitored by the men of the Stasi secret police who lose no opportunity to harass her both physically and mentally. Under those circumstances, Barbara's supervising physician André, an honest and caring man, will attempt to bridge the gap and come closer, however, in a time of conspiracy and suspicion, winning her trust is almost futile. Eventually, when Stella, a young pregnant woman who escaped a hard labour camp, desperately pleads for help in order to escape from the country, Barbara's plan to defect to Denmark and reunite with her West German lover will be reevaluated. Between an intolerable pressure and the moral obligation, will Barbara finally manage to pursue the dream of liberty in Denmark?