After the Wedding

In a very poor area of India, the altruist Danish Jacob Pederson teaches and nurses children in an orphanage and has raised the eight year old Pramod since he was a baby. When Jacob is invited to travel to Copenhagen to meet the wealthy businessman Jörgen Lennart Hannson that intends to donate a large amount to the orphanage, the reluctant Jacob is convinced by the director Mrs. Shaw that he must travel for the good of the children, and he promises to Pramod to be back on his birthday on the next week. Jacob has a meeting with the self-made tycoon that promises a donation of one million-dollar and is invited to go to the wedding of his daughter Anna Hannson on the next day. In the wedding, Jacob sees Jørgen's wife Helene Hannson, who had a past with him, and discovers a family secret that will affect his and the Hannson's lives.