A Town Called Panic

In a peaceful town called Panic, Mr Horse's birthday is just around the corner and his nincompoop room-mates, Cowboy and Indian, still haven't decided on his gift. But all of a sudden, Indian throws in a splendid idea explaining his simple, yet brilliant plan for something really extraordinary: to actually build a BBQ pit for their friend's anniversary. However, after a tremendous blunder in the brick order, the clumsy duo will end up destroying not only Mr Horse's house but his frail romantic relationship with the untamed and sexy redhead piano teacher, Madame Longrée. Now that Panic's peace is disturbed, the three friends must try to clear the mess up, so without delay, the team will embark on a crazy adventure starting from their green village, to the barren landscapes of the frozen Tundra, and from the Earth's core melted magma to the perilous depths of the ocean with its devious sub-aquatic inhabitants. Will the improbable fellowship ultimately make things right again?