Garden of the Löw-Beer Villa Summer Cinema

You can find the enchanting garden of Löw-Beer Villa in one of the inner blocks of the residential neighbourhood Černá Pole across the street from the park Lužánky. The garden is open to the public and you can use it to relax by a bubbling fountain, organise picnics, or play with your children on the small playground with swings and a slide. The garden is the location of a former food customs house from the 18th century which nowadays serves as a gallery and is also the space of Café Löw-Beer.

Drobného 22


July 8

Friday July 8 9:30 PM

9:30 PMOutdoor Cinema

The Worst Person in the World

Faced with a dreaded existential cul-de-sac and the prospect of a neat and entirely predictable life devoid of surprises, Julie finds herself with her back to the wall, forced to settle down. And, somehow, pushing thirty doesn't make things easier. So, to find meaning and purpose in life, Julie embarks on a long, challenging, twelve-chapter journey of love and enlightenment, hoping for the best. Little by little, as she puts her dormant talents to good use, Julie flirts with other... more...
in Norwegian with Czech subtitles

Verdens verste menneske




128 min

Directed by

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August 12

Friday August 12 9:00 PM