Run away or stay, Finger Man, Knockdown, Dům Slovo, Mia Donna

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Tuesday November 12 2019
6:00 PM

Run away or stay

"Run away or stay" - this story is based on real events that occurred in Ungvar (Uzhhorod), in 1944. It is story of escaping one Hungarian couple, Rudolf and Silvia, from occupation of the Soviet Union Army. Their every attempt to leave the country comes to a standstill. However, when they finally find a way to escape - they suddenly hesitate. What choice will the heroes make?


22 min

Finger Man

The Finger Family song is a simple and fun classic nursery rhyme for kids! Father finger father finger, where are you? Great for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and the ESL / EFL classroom.



20 min

Dům Slovo

Dům Slovo

30 min

Mia Donna

The life of forty-six- year-old Oksana changes when her husband Tolik turns into a seven-year- old boy. Doctors are powerless and nobody can turn him back.

Mia Donna




16 min

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