Kino Art Back on Cihlářská

Tickets for sale from the beginning of September

Just like a phoenix, Kino Art has risen from a pile of debris and asbestos! Art has decided to adopt the attribute of “cinema for demanding audience” and so it invites you to also be demanding from Friday the 13th and let yourself be pampered by film hits.

The first film in our re-opened cinema starts at 7pm. We will be showing the legendary silent film Sunrise accompanied by the live music of Duncan Hendy played by the string quartet IQ and piano by Jana Nevoralová, conducted by Gabriela Tardonova.

Afterwards, Art will celebrate its 100th birthday and you are all invited! Come celebrate with us to our party of a round-the-clock marathon of 100 years of Art, 100 hours of film, which will kick off on Friday at 10pm and wrap up on Sunday at midnight.

Programme coming soon here and on our facebook.

Tickets will be for sale from the beginning of September.

Be demanding, Kino Art is back!

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Friday September 13
7:00 PM