I would like to invite you to see the film ZER by the Kurdish director  Kazim Öz. The film that has already won a number of awards at various festivals. Come and see the charming Oriental road movie, full of beautiful sceneries of mysterious Kurdistan. The story of finding one’s own roots and old family secrets.

Zer is the story of a New Yorker Jan and his Turkish grandmother Zarife who see each other for the first time when Jan is already grown up and Zarife arrives in the US for a lung-cancer surgery. She leaves John a song in Kurdish, a song about a girl called Zer and a shepherd, a song about a great love. Jan, after his grandmother's funeral, is on his way to Dersim, Kurdistan, to the place where, in 1938, thousands of Alevish Kurds were massacred by the Turkish army. During this journey, he finally finds the song but in first of all he finds himself - as a descendant of a girl who once survived the Dersim massacre.



April 24

6:00 PM

Main screening hall


in Turkish, Kurdish and English with Czech subtitles

Main screening hallGuests in Kino Art