The Self Portrait

She is fascinated by human faces – but she hid her own for a long time. In an effort to stop time, Lene became enchanted by photography, but also the desire never to grow up and to have total control over her own body.

"I wanted to remain a child forever," says Norwegian artist Lene Marie Fossen. The tiny 28-year-old woman battling with anorexia has never physically gone through puberty. She stopped eating when she was ten years old. Since then, the disease has completely paralysed not only her body but also her thoughts. But her joy of life was awakened with a new passion: portrait photography. Hidden behind the lens, Lene captures the faces of Greek residents and children in refugee camps. Her collection of self-portraits has made her one of the world's leading photographers. She receives offers for her own shows, interviews, TV appearances. The more attention she gets, the more her illness dominates her. The film is an intimate journey into the life of a young woman who wants the world to remember her as an important photographer, not as a patient with an eating disorder.