The Salesman

After a forced evacuation in a condemned building in Tehran, the couple of Emad and Rana relocate to a small flat recommended by Babak, a fellow actor in their theatrical adaptation of Arthur Miller's, "Death of a Salesman", unbeknownst to them that Ahu, the previous tenant, was a rather promiscuous woman whose belongings were left behind. And then one day, when Emad decides to stay late for a rehearsal leaving Rana at home all alone, the unspeakable happens. During the following two weeks, in the aftermath of that horrible night's devastating event, the couple not only will it test its faith and endurance, but also the very bond that keeps it together: its love. On one hand, there is Rana, whose life turned violently into a living hell, a life of fear, angst and rapid alienation, and on the other, there is Emad with the unbearable burden of feeling unable to protect his wife, while at the same time, his theatrical play must go on at any cost. However, as the couple seeks peace and a closure, fate will unexpectedly bring the culprit in front of a shocked Emad, who unwillingly, will have to be both judge and jury. In the end, what does a monster look like, and above all, when revenge is only human, what will it take to look into the face of the monster?