The Purity of Vengeance

It's been five years since the first success of the Department Q in Kvinden i buret (2013), and only two short years since the hunt for the serial killer in Flaskepost fra P (2016), and now, the division is facing an imminent radical change. Switching back and forth between Denmark's murky past regarding the secluded Girls' Home on Sprogø Island and the present, this time, the gruesome discovery of a tortured, embalmed trio of missing people, and the unaccountable disappearance of the sex worker, Rita Nielsen, set in motion the reopening of a twelve-year-old cold case. Now, with Rose in search of vital information, gruff Detective Carl Mørck, and his invaluable partner, Assad, follow a faint trail of clues, in a dangerous, opaque mystery of lost innocence, sinister master plans, permanently damaged women, and hate-driven vigilante justice. Is revenge, indeed, a dish best served cold?