Beginning in summer, we meet a 'woman from the city' on vacation in the country, who we then discover is having an affair with a 'farmer'. The 'woman from the city' then proposes that he drowns his wife so they can run away together. Overwhelmed by the woman from the city, he decides to take his neglected wife for a row in a boat. She gets excited for the date, leaving her child at home, ready for a romantic day with her husband, hoping to rekindle their lost love. Whilst our rowing in the little boat, she senses something is not right. He attempts to push her overboard, but backs out last minute. She then escapes into the city, leaving him to chase after her. Eventually, he proves to her how much he loves her and she comes to forgive him as they share the day together, rekindling their love. Still, the thought of the city woman is in the back of his mind. Suffering severe grief and anger, the farmer is faced with a moral dilemma, torn between two loves and with murder on his mind.