Burn the House Down

Although Kiddy Smile is an immigrant from Cameroon who grew up in a poor suburb, he has managed to play at a concert for the elite and for President Macron himself. His DJing and producing career is getting started, but the issues of skin color and sexual orientation persist in French society. Kiddy Smile and his unique troupe of dancers are not afraid, however.  They speak openly about sensitive topics and dance with all the more pride. After all, vogue and ballroom were invented for minorities and the forsaken. Directors Giselle Bailey and Nneka Onuorah head to the changing rooms as well as to parties, depicting the dance scene of the immigrant queer community in Paris that will not shy away from any topic and won't stop moving. Enjoy this documentary ride full of music and dance, as extravagant as the vogue moves.

+ short movie before Entropia

HU 2019, 11min, no dialogue, no subtitles
directed by Flóra Anna Buda

Three parallel worlds of a young woman who cannot satisfy her own desires. Her frustrated and monotonous life is without a future until the earth shakes and an error in the system opens up two hitherto separate spaces. The world is in ruins, bras are no longer needed, stars are born in the colourful darkness, and a sensual explosion may begin.

Burn the House Down




44 min



November 18

5:30 PM

Small screening hall

Burn the House Down

in French with Czech and English subtitles

Small screening hallMezipatra 2019

Tickets Tickets from CZK120