Another Round

Amid an ongoing midlife crisis, Martin, Tommy, Nikolaj, and Peter--a close-knit group of friends, colleagues, and high school teachers--find themselves faced with stale careers, failing marriages, and the cruel certainty of lost youth. Then, after a long, booze-fueled night in town, the companions hit on the idea to keep themselves constantly semi-inebriated, inspired by an untried scientific theory claiming that when people maintain a golden 0.05% Blood Alcohol Concentration at all times, they are more relaxed, poised, and self-confident. Without delay, the grizzled friends set rules and start observing the effects of sustaining that perfect, low-level buzz, one glass at a time. However, are they prepared for the dangers and the negative psychological impact of the intoxicating social experiment?



July 14

6:00 PM

Main screening hall

Another Round

in Danish with Czech subtitles

Main screening hallSummer with Art

Tickets Tickets from CZK60