Mountains On Stage 2021

Uvidíte čtyři úžasné filmy plus nový koncept – line of the year.

Filmy jsou v originálním znění s anglickými titulky

Vstupenky je možné zakoupit na tomto linku.

Dva ze čtyř filmů jsou napínavé příběhy tří mimořádných žen! Uvidíte také Jeremiho Heitze a Sam Anthamattena, jak se pokoušejí sjet na lyžích nejkrásnější 6000metrové vrcholy v Peru a Pákistánu. A také tři francouzské lyžaře, kteří chtějí i v červenci lyžovat ty nejhezčí stěny v Alpách. Dobrodružství, odhodlání, dojemnost a zranitelnost. Vzrušení zaručeno!

La Liste : Everything or Nothing

Length : 70 minutes

Director : Sherpas Cinemas - Production : Red Bull Studios

Many of you will remember “La Liste”, the legendary ski movie where Jeremie Heitz blasts down 4000m summits of the Alps in a couple turns... The last four years, his latest project has taken him to ski in the same way but at 6000m, on the majestic mountains of Peru and Pakistan. A crazy journey, but one that is not without its risks... Thrills guaranteed !

Line of the year

Length : 5 minutes

Directors : multiple

We’ve got a new contest this year at Mountains on Stage ! We chose 6 skiing or snowboarding lines amongst the movies we received, and you get to choose the line of the year ! The 3 winning lines will be announced and shown during the Mountains on Stage tour.

The Traverse

Length : 33 minutes

Director : Ben Tibbetts & Jake Holland

The “High Route'' between Chamonix and Zermatt is a legendary ski traverse with 107 km and 8000m of elevation gain. While it takes a normal skier six days to finish it, Valentine Fabre and Hillary Gerardi try to do the traverse in one shot to set the first female record ! An astonishing movie, carried by two extraordinary women !

Diamond of the Alps

Length : 39 minutes

Director : Sébastien Montaz Rosset

Summer is around the corner and Vivian Bruchez still wants to ski the most beautiful faces in the Alps. So he gets his old bike out of the garage, finds makeshift straps for his skis and convinces his two friends Seb Montaz and Mathieu Navillod to join him… 22nd of June, it’s pouring rain in Chamonix but the boys are all-smiles- let the adventure begin ! An exhilarating movie, which will fuel your dreams of exploration !

Pretty Strong (Mexico part)

Length : 16 m

Director : Colette Mc Inerney

Fernanda Rodriguez, a strong climber from Mexico, invites pro climbers to discover her region and the El Salto canyon. Carried by their energy, she seeks her limits by trying an 8b+ route. A beautiful invitation to get out of your comfort zone, by a group of women who are as endearing as they are determined !

středa 15. prosince 2021